Pre-development Planning

  • Input on project design or route selection in consideration of client objectives and regulator requirements
  • Study design


  • Turbidity and TSS monitoring during in-stream construction
  • Habitat utilization monitoring of enhanced habitat and compensation habitat
  • Design and implementation of long-term fish population and benthic invertebrate monitoring programs

Regulatory Approval

  • Assistance with interpreting the regulatory process
  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies
  • Notifications and Applications for Alberta Water Act approvals
  • Applications for federal Fisheries Act authorizations

Resource Inventory, Evaluation, and Management

  • Baseline habitat and population assessments (invertebrate, fish, habitat)
  • QAES (Qualified Aquatic Environment Specialist) assessments for roadways, pipelines, and outfall structures
  • Fish tissue sampling
  • Radio telemetry and fish movement studies
  • Fish passage/fishway evaluation and assessment
  • Limnological investigations

Impact Assessment, Mitigation, and Compensation

  • Environmental impact assessment (federal and provincial)
  • Mitigation planning
  • Habitat compensation design
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Fish salvage and relocation